The right emergency call system can transform resident experience and staff satisfaction while unlocking new insights for administrators.


Your emergency call solution has a significant impact on resident experience, staff morale and operational efficiency. If you've been relying on the same systems for many years, you could be missing opportunities to transform the way staff engage with residents and administrators manage day-to-day operations.

“We have a single solution across our communities—a unified platform that integrates not just e-call but also alerts related to wander management, facility and environmental monitoring, and fall management.”

What You'll Learn

Take a deep dive into the potential of your emergency call system, from the viewpoint of key stakeholders in your organization:

  • Corporate executive: achieving enterprise visibility and standardization
  • Executive director: documenting "invisible services" so you can capture this revenue
  • Facilities director: using e-call to monitor everything from access control to fire panels
  • Clinical director: gaining new insights into resident care, such as measuring resident/staff encounter times
  • Caregiver: leveraging point-of-care tools like mobile applications for better care coordination