As COVID-19 continues to distress senior living communities across the country, subtle symptoms may make it unclear which residents need focused care, increasing the risk of illness spreading throughout a community. With advancements in AI, communities can efficiently monitor and recognize danger signs for COVID-19, fall risk and other health concerns with incredible ease compared to current manual methods.
Author name
Stephanie Harris
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President, Arrow Senior Living Management
There's many other battles we're facing as an industry, but I think COVID-19 is going to cause us to think deeper about how we operate and how we use the technologies that all of us have in our communities.

What You'll Learn:

This hour-long webinar replay shares anecdotes from our panelists personal experience about:

  • Going almost 60 days without a single fall in a Foresite-monitored building
  • Additionally experiencing a decrease in resident falls by 41%
  • Successfully marketing and differentiating their communities over local competitors
  • How AI has allowed staff to successfully manage illnesses and COVID-19