Resident safety and security are reimagined with the help of Arial’s centralized emergency call solution.


Imagine having a single, centralized solution for your community’s safety and security systems. Imagine being able to send caregivers events from any of those systems to their mobile device for quick, coordinated response. Imagine the value of data you could gather and analyze via a single, centralized solution. This one-system, one-device convenience is available for senior living administrators and caregivers today.

Author name
Bobby Nero
Author Title
Executive Director, The Reserve at Brentwood
"Communication is often the core challenge impeding quality resident care. More effectively capturing, filtering and sharing information about resident needs is an excellent way to improve response time and prioritize staff responses."

What You'll Learn

  • How administrators and clinicians can use Arial’s emergency call system to provide more personalized care and make more informed staffing decisions
  • The benefits of using a centralized solution to combine e-call, wander management, fall detection and other safety and security alerts in your community
  • Driving efficiencies through the use of a Mobile App
  • How Arial can provide increased visibility into resident whereabouts for enhanced safety and coordination