Saint Francis Medical Center eliminates common, costly inventory problems with SpaceTRAX Inventory Management — and breaks out of the red in five weeks.


Saint Francis implemented the SpaceTRAX Inventory Management solution in interventional radiology to track non-stock inventory. In its first year alone of using SpaceTRAX, the radiology department realized a savings of $124,474—including $46,706 in just one day.

Author name
Kathy Smith
Author Title
RT Assistant Director of Radiology, Saint Francis Hospital
“We found $3,500 worth of products that had expired and $20,000 worth of products our radiologists no longer used”

What You'll Learn

Read the Case Study and you’ll learn why St. Francis selected SpaceTRAX, plus:

  • Dramatic, quantifiable results
  • Three specific benefits that were quickly realized
  • “Lessons Learned” from the selection and implementation process