STANLEY Healthcare is working with providers and vendors to drive simplicity, interoperability and cost savings in healthcare
  • Simplicity: New cloud-based IoT platform* for monitoring the environment of care
  • Interoperability: STANLEY Healthcare MobileView® software platform now IHE compliant
  • Cost savings: Expanded strategic partnerships with Sonitor and Impinj to simplify the deployment and expand use cases of real-time solutions

WALTHAM, Mass., March 5, 2018—STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of visibility and analytics solutions for the healthcare industry, announced today its program for the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 5-9, 2018. Visitors to the STANLEY Healthcare booth #2243, the Interoperability Showcase and multiple partner will have the opportunity to explore the solutions behind the Real-Time Hospital driving improved safety, security and efficiency of assets, environments, staff and patients.

The Real-Time Hospital provides clinicians, support staff, administrators and patients with real-time information to improve the delivery and experience of healthcare. STANLEY Healthcare offers the widest range of Real-Time Location System (RTLS) solutions, including Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring, Patient Flow, Staff Workflow, Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring, and Infant, Patient and Staff Protection. At HIMSS18, the company will be showcasing many new innovations and partnerships that expand the benefits of the Real-Time Hospital and bring it within reach of a wider range of healthcare organizations:

  • STANLEY Healthcare IoT platform: A new cloud-based solution for monitoring the environment of care to enable small hospitals, outpatient service providers, pharmacies and other organizations to easily monitor cold storage and other aspects of their operations that must be maintained at specific conditions for safe patient care;
  • IHE compliant: The MobileView software platform for STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS solutions now complies with the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Patient Care Device (PCD) domain. The practical benefit to providers will be on display at the Interoperability Showcase as part of the Reinventing Medication Management use case, which highlights STANLEY Healthcare’s integrations to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and infusion pump management systems;
  • Integration with the BD Alaris™ System: Part of the Reinventing Medication Management use case at the Interoperability Showcase, this integration gives visibility to both the location and device status of both large volume and syringe infusion pumps, enabling more efficient biomedical and clinical workflows;
  • Integration of Sonitor®’s Sense™ Ultrasound technology: The integration of Sonitor Sense for room & sub-room level location accuracy into STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout® platform enables hospitals to implement RTLS solutions at a lower total cost of ownership and with greater ease. Sonitor will be displaying their technology platforms at booth #7213;
  • RAIN RFID for asset management: Partnering with Impinj, the leader in RAIN RFID solutions, STANLEY Healthcare has expanded real-time asset management to new use cases, including: shrinkage control of medical equipment; PAR level management of wheelchairs and other rolling stock and small items such as fetal monitors; and inventory visibility of IT and other assets. These use cases will also be on display at the Impinj booth, #643.

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