The MobileView® platform has been the top ranked RTLS solution seven times since the inception of the category in 2010, more than any other vendor
2020 KLAS Category Leader RTLS Badge

PORTSMOUTH, NH, February 4, 2020 — STANLEY Healthcare today announced that it has been named the KLAS Category Leader for Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) in the 2020 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report . The company’s MobileView® platform for its AeroScout® solutions has earned the top-ranked position seven times over the ten-year history of the RTLS category.

STANLEY Healthcare was selected based on performance scores compiled from healthcare providers at hospitals and IDNs throughout the United States and Canada. KLAS independently monitors vendor performance through the active participation of thousands of healthcare organizations, and tens of thousands of healthcare professionals.

“We are very thankful to our customers for this strong endorsement of our RTLS portfolio and our direction as a business,” said Troy Dayon, President of STANLEY Healthcare. “Over the last year and more, we have sought to transform our relationship with our customers, focusing on transparency and trust, being a valuable resource, and safeguarding peace of mind for caregivers and others who rely on our solutions to help deliver connected, productive and safe patient care. Our return to the top of the KLAS ranking is a gratifying sign that we have made good progress, and we also know there is more we can do to serve our customers and advance the healthcare industry. We are grateful to KLAS for being a vital partner in this task.”

Adam Gale, CEO and President of KLAS, said, “Providers and payers demand better performance, usability, and interoperability from their vendor partners every year. Best in KLAS winners set the standard of excellence in their market segment. Earning a Best in KLAS award should both excite and humble the recipients. It serves as a signal to providers that they should expect only the best from the winning vendors.”

The MobileView software underpins STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout platform, a leader in RTLS solutions for healthcare with over 2 million tags deployed, as well as the Hugs® system, the leading solution for infant protection. In all, the MobileView platform is designed to support various use cases impacting care delivery throughout the enterprise:

  • Asset Management: Real-time visibility to the location and status of mobile medical equipment, driving higher utilization rates and eliminating costly manual searches;
  • Environmental Monitoring: Automation of monitoring of refrigerated storage units across multiple sites, for increased reporting accuracy, redirection of staff time to patients and cost avoidance;
  • Infant/Patient Protection: Facility-wide protection for infants and patients, with 24/7 visibility to location and status in all parts of the hospital;
  • Patient Flow: Real-time visibility of patients in the OR, ED and Clinics for reduced wait times, streamlined care team communications, increased capacity and higher patient and family satisfaction;
  • Staff Protection: Personal protection for at-risk healthcare workers in the ED, Mental Health, OB and beyond;
  • Staff Workflow: Real-time location of caregivers to optimize workflow, automate nurse call functionality and maximize reimbursement.

All of STANLEY Healthcare’s solutions will be on view at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, March 9-13, 2020. Find STANLEY Healthcare at booth # 3001.

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