Preventing workplace violence has always been an important safety initiative at Turku University Hospital (Tyks) Main Hospital, the oldest and one of the largest hospitals in Finland. Learn how they implemented STANLEY Healthcare’s unified, modern staff protection solution to safeguard physicians, nurses and other employees across four buildings spanning 27,500 acres with more than 1,100 tags.


“Getting Better, Every Day” is the simple yet compelling strategy of Tyks, which includes the medical center’s approach to safety and security. Leaders recognized a strategic opportunity to implement the STANLEY Healthcare Staff Protection solution across all their buildings, which provides hospital-wide visibility to staff duress calls, detailed data reports for root-cause analysis and enhanced peace of mind for staff.

Author name
Teemu Kiukainen
Author Title
Service Engineer at Turku University Hospital
“With all services from one provider and one platform, expansion becomes much easier.”

What You’ll Learn

  • Descriptions of the challenges Tyks faced before implementing STANLEY Healthcare‘s Staff Protection solution
  • How the staff duress solution has empowered multiple stakeholder groups including physicians, nurses, security professionals and more
  • Key benefits and lessons learned from the selection, implementation and standardization process