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Comprehensive Instruction on STANLEY Healthcare Technologies

Onsite Training - We bring the instructor and training environment to you with onsite training. Our expert instructors deliver training at your facility to meet the learning needs of your organisation. Available to customers and partners, we train your application support team, system administrators and end users. Choose standard content, or we build custom content specific to your needs.
Online Training - STANLEY Healthcare has partnered with HealthStream to offer online product training through the HealthStream Learning Center. Included at no additional charge with your software maintenance agreement, this training is available to you even if you are not a HealthStream customer. Courses include Asset Management, Temperature Monitoring, Hugs Infant Protection, Roam Alert, and more. Request Access to Online Training.
Open Enrollment Training - Classroom training for customers and partners is offered throughout the year in various locations worldwide. These technical training courses are required for partners in a certification track and also benefit customer IT staff in maintaining and supporting STANLEY Healthcare solutions.  Full Schedule.
STANLEY Healthcare Clinical Consulting team is staffed with nurses with a wide range of experience consulting and educating in women’s health, patient safety and security, infant protection, and clinical workflow analysis.
Hugs Infant Protection Clinical Education - We provide complete training on our Hugs infant protection system for your entire clinical staff, including manager training and configuration workshop, application training for care staff, and go-live support.  Our By Your Side materials help you with parent information and sample policy documents to protect your youngest patients and inform families.
Fall Management Clinical Education and Consulting - Our clinical consulting team helps you successfully implement your fall monitoring products within a comprehensive fall management program by providing education and planning tools on evidence-based practices.  Services include facility assessment, fall leader workshop, custom training and materials, patient and family information samples and onsite consulting with care staff.
Clinical Consulting Get the most out of your STANLEY Healthcare solution with clinical consulting support.  Our consultants  work with you to modify workflows and fine tune software configuration parameters to ensure you realise the results you expect.  We can help you derive actionable information from reports, optimise par levels, tweak workflows, introduce efficiencies, prepare for audits, and help your clinical staff use your STANLEY Healthcare solutions effectively.  
Technical Training We offer a full range of technical training to prepare STANLEY Healthcare partners in order to implement and support our solutions. Our technical trainers are skilled instructors, as well as experienced with the products and solutions they present in the classroom.  Courses are comprehensive, and hands-on.  Participants will use the software and devices in the classroom they will later work with in the field.  Materials are designed to include activities, guided discussions, skills checks, supporting documentation, and knowledge assessments that prepare participants to be successful working on real customer projects. Go to Training Schedule to view courses and access registration.
Certification Portal Take the guesswork out of Certification.  STANLEY Healthcare University provides comprehensive support for partner technicians and engineers working toward certifications through the Certification Portal, powered by NetExam. Through the Portal, get access to course schedules, registration, online training and activities, venue information, completion certificates, and training transcripts.  Participants can track their progress through a certification path from start to finish – no steps are skipped, each milestone is documented.
New certifications, expirations, and recertification requirements are all managed through the Portal as well. Request an account at

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