Clinical Workflow Management

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Improve Patient Experience and Operational Efficiency with Better Clinical Workflow

How would your clinical operations improve if you had real-time visibility into the location and status of staff, patients, rooms, and critical equipment?
Without such visibility, patient throughput can be slow. Poor patient flow can put both patients and a hospital’s reputation at risk, and can threaten the facility’s financial viability.

But with effective clinical workflow, patient wait times, overcrowding, and lengths of stay can be reduced. Staff can make better and faster decisions, and performance can be continuously improved.

With STANLEY Healthcare’s clinical operations and workflow solutions, you can improve patient experience, staff satisfaction, and operational efficiency across your enterprise. Our solution helps you:

  • Reduce patient wait times and improve care delivery with accurate, real-time visibility into the location and status of patients.
  • Eliminate manual processes to help increase staff efficiency and workflow. Real-time alerts can be sent to a wide variety of staff-specific devices.
  • Improve operational decision making and workflow optimization through powerful visual analytics.
  • Provide peace of mind to waiting family members through timely and effective communication.

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