Digital Wayfinding and Indoor Navigation

Make Life Easier for Patients, their Families and Staff

A medical center campus is a big, confusing place and will continue to be. To meet the needs of an aging population, hospitals and health systems are adding more beds, operating rooms, outpatient and ambulatory facilities and medical office space. The good news is digital wayfinding and indoor navigation make life easier for patients, their families and staff in this complicated environment.

Wayfinding, combined with smartphones, work together by sending turn-by-turn directions to your phone. Even if a patient has multiple stops to make throughout the hospital, their smartphone would be able to guide them through to their next location with ease. It’s an indoor GPS.

STANLEY Healthcare has partnered with Connexient to add Connexient’s MediNav Wayfinding solution to our solution portfolio. This provides another tool to manage the flow of patients and people in the medical facility.

MediNav can be integrated with EHR appointment scheduling systems to reduce missed or late appointments and drive a personalized patient experience. This end-to-end management of the patient journey enables hospitals to directly address some of the most common complaints on HCAHPS surveys, particularly difficulties with wayfinding and parking. MediNav provides powerful location-based reporting and analytics on patient, visitor and staff workflows and dwell times, giving hospital administrators actionable intelligence to improve the patient experience, drive higher HCAHPS scores, capture lost revenues by reducing missed appointments, and improving staff efficiency by reducing late appointments and time lost directing patients.

MediNav Navigator v. 2.0, powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons and market-leading indoor positioning technology, is the most advanced indoor navigation and digital wayfinding solution available. It is a cloud-based SaaS service that is intuitive to implement and manage.

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