Wireless Nurse Call Systems Integration

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nurse call system, nurse call systems, patient call systems, wireless nurse call, wireless nurse call systems

Nurse Call Improves Patient Care and Overall Efficiency

Healthcare providers strive to provide the best in patient-centered care, but a universal challenge they face is determining which healthcare solutions will best serve today’s healthcare landscape. With increasing patient volume, healthcare facilities must find new and better ways to scale communication, workflow, and asset management, in order to continue to achieve the fundamental goal of consistent quality patient care. At the most basic level, this means ensuring that each patient receives a timely and appropriate response to their calls. For many healthcare providers, this requires replacing outdated nurse call systems that require multiple steps, have limited reporting capabilities, or which are only accessible via PCs, with systems that can be accessed via multiple access points, have robust reporting capabilities, and are adaptable to multiple users and needs.  


Optimizing Staff Workflow

STANLEY Healthcare’s patient flow and staff workflow solutions (which integrate data from its nurse call system) allow healthcare staff to see how things are working from the patient’s point-of-view.   STANLEY Healthcare’s workflow and patient flow software also integrates data from other sources and integrates with other platforms, to bring a 3-D perspective to each patient’s experience, from entry to exit.   Data from nurse call systems allow hospital administrators to map the trajectory of nurses as they make their rounds, enabling them to make changes that eliminate systemic inefficiencies and improve the amount and quality of time healthcare staff spend with patients.   

Mini Case Study: A New Midwestern U.S. Hospital

The hospital, like many others, has shifted to de-centralized nursing units.  As a result, they needed a solution that could enable staff and patients across the facility to communicate effectively.  This led the hospital to choose STANLEY Healthcare’s RTLS (real-time location system) with mobile capacities. STANLEY’s RTLS integrated effortlessly with the hospital’s existing wireless network and provided patients and staff with an emergency call button system that is facile and readily available.  STANLEY’s Arial ES call station connects patients via a large and easy-to-press push-button, a pull cord, or a remote push-button pendant, that makes it truly user-friendly for patients.  The wireless nurse call system has dramatically improved the ability of staff to locate and respond to patients, anywhere in the facility.

Greater Efficiency

STANLEY Healthcare’s intuitive software relays crucial information, such as the room number, resident name, and the time along with the patient’s location and a customized map of the community to staff.  Nurses are kept up to speed on relevant events throughout their shifts, through dome lights, IP phones, pagers, scrolling signs, e-mail, and text messages.  And because all events are recorded with built-in reports, administrators can track response times, resident behavior, and staffing patterns and make necessary recommendations and improvements.  Taken together, modern nurse call systems empower nurses and other healthcare administrators to improve overall operational efficiency, reduce costly inefficiencies, and most importantly, enhance each patient’s experience.

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