RTLS Patient Flow for ED

Real-time Visibility Improves Patient Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency and Staff Safety

Overcrowding and Long Wait Times

With many emergency rooms now closed, remaining Emergency Departments (ED) are larger, more complex and overcrowded, compromising care quality and community trust - many patients leave before being seen.

Increasing Violence

A recent ED Violence Surveillance Study identified an average physical and verbal abuse rate of 54.5% among ED staff—highlighting the need for staff safety initiatives. 

Lower patient wait times

Monitor status and location of patients, staff, rooms and other resources while updating EDIS and tracking boards

Improve turnaround times

Customize alerts and notifications for proactive patient management

Continually optimize patient movement through different stages of care

Business intelligence around wait times, bottlenecks, room utilization, patient-caregiver interactions, "door to doc" times and care delivery location

Improve staff efficiency

RoomCheck local visibilityprovides ED staff accurate and real-time information at each room, eliminating the need to interrupt staff to obtain it. 

Enhance staff safety

Staff badge provides call button that gives the precise location of staff, down to a specific room. 

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