RTLS Patient Flow for OR


Real-time Visibility Improves Patient Satisfaction, Operational Efficiency and the Bottom-line

The Operating Room (OR) affects a high percentage of a hospital’s revenue. Slight delays in case start times, lengthy turnovers, inefficient block utilization and minutes lost searching for missing equipment have serious consequences on OR efficiency and profitability. With reimbursement tied directly to quality metrics and reduction in total cost of care, traditional manual approaches are no longer sufficient. Today’s hospitals are challenged to find new and better ways of managing their OR workflow and patient throughput.

The AeroScout Patient Flow Solution for Operating Rooms addresses all these challenges by automatically monitoring the status and real-time location of patients, staff, rooms, and other resources with updates to the OR information system and tracking boards.

ORs are now able to reduce patient wait times and serve more patients. Customized operational alerts and notifications optimize patient movement through the different stages of care (for example, patient arrived at Pre-op, patient arrived in OR suite, patient arrived in PACU), improving staff communication and efficiency.

Our MobileView Analytics dashboards help OR departments understand key performance measures and identify ways to optimize workflow and improve patient experience, including wait times, patient milestones, contact times and more. The room visibility delivered by digital signage like RoomCheck provides OR staff accurate and real-time information at each room, eliminating the need to scrub in and interrupt staff to obtain it.

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