Environmental Monitoring

wireless temperature monitoring
wireless temperature monitoring

Increase Compliance, Safety and Efficiency with Simple, Reliable Solutions

Hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities must provide optimal storage conditions for medications, blood and other human tissues, as well as safe environmental conditions throughout their facilities.

STANLEY Healthcare offers a variety of automated solutions to help healthcare organizations meet environmental safety and compliance goals with greater speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Automated temperature and humidity monitoring solutions help save time, reduce errors and address compliance requirements—all while avoiding expensive product loss and fines. Combined with our powerful analytics, MobileView Analytics, which transforms complex data into real-time and historical visualizations, you can understand the current temperature and humidity conditions of assets and rooms as well as analyze historical performance and event data.

In addition to temperature and humidity monitoring, STANLEY Healthcare offers contact sensor monitoring that delivers automated, proactive alerts of environmental conditions at-risk—from a cryogenic freezer door left ajar to a smoke detector that has been activated within your facility.

You can count on wireless environmental monitoring and analytics from STANLEY Healthcare to help you:

  • Centralize and automate the monitoring, alerting, and reporting of temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions
  • Deliver automated alerts when cryogenic freezer or refrigerator doors that are normally closed are left open, helping avoid damage to or loss of irreplaceable organs and tissue
  • Continuously monitor other environmental conditions—using smoke detectors, water detectors and motion sensors—to help enhance environmental safety
  • Improve operational efficiency with intuitive analytics related to temperature and humidity to easily see the health of all monitored assets and identify historical trends
  • Increase staff productivity and satisfaction by eliminating manual processes
  • Improve patient safety through constant assurance of safe temperature and humidity ranges across the enterprise
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance through automated collection, logging and reporting of environmental data, including our full Vaccines for Children (VFC) solution that is 100% compliant with the new recommendations for the CDC VFC program

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