VFC Compliance Solution

A Fast, Effective Way to Comply with New CDC Requirements

Through its Vaccines for Children (VFC) program, the CDC provides free vaccines to children who might otherwise lack access to them. Delivering vaccines through a network of 61 grantees and 41,000 providers, the VFC program has touched—and continues to positively impact—millions of lives across the country. For healthcare facilities participating in the VFC program, the CDC has enacted new requirements governing how medicines are stored and managed. These requirements take effect January 1, 2017: 

  • All VFC providers must have certified calibrated digital data loggers for continuous temperature monitoring for each VFC storage unit and back-up thermometer.
  • Household combination refrigerator/freezers will no longer be allowable for the storage of VFC vaccines.

As part of the AeroScout Environmental Monitoring Solution, STANLEY Healthcare offers a 100%-compliant kit to help VFC grantees and providers meet these new requirements. The kit includes a Wi-Fi data logging sensor placed outside the fridge or freezer, as well as a probe and glycol buffer bottle placed inside. Temperature measurement data is time- and date-stamped and then sent via Wi-Fi to a secure cloud server—with data available for viewing and analysis through a web browser.

Among the key benefits of the STANLEY Healthcare VFC kit:

  • Quick and easy set-up using your existing Wi-Fi network
  • Cloud-enabled with local display of current, minimum and maximum temps
  • Reset function plus button to record manual observations
  • Holds up to 1M records in onboard cache
  • Full integration to the MobileView platform*

The kit also comes with a NIST-traceable Certificate of Calibration compliant to ISO 17025:2005.

Additional resources

Still want to know more? The CDC provides online resources—including storage and handling fact sheets that illustrate best practices for refrigerated and frozen vaccines:


*Integration to MobileView 5.1 is coming in Q1 2017.

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