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Reduce Adverse Events with Real-Time Monitoring of Patient Safety

Patient Safety in Healthcare

Whether a patient is wandering into a potentially unsafe area, in need of emergency assistance, or is experiencing some recurring discomfort, STANLEY Healthcare’s patient safety solutions allow staff to respond swiftly and accurately. Healthcare administrators and staff can review reports that highlight the areas for improvement in response time and patient experience, and more importantly, they can see how to best use our patient safety technologies to make those improvements. In this way, we hope to continuously support our healthcare partners in their quest to sustain a culture of quality care that meets and surpasses their highest expectations.

Reduce Patient Falls, Improve Overall Patient Safety

In acute care facilities, it’s estimated that more than 1,000 individuals fall each year. One third to half of these falls cause injuries. The cost of falls includes delayed or complicated recovery, declining physical and mental health, and exaggerated care costs (operational costs for those who experience serious injuries from falls are $13,000 higher than those who don’t). And there are liability issues related to falls, which can make that figure even higher.

An ounce of prevention, as the saying goes, is worth a pound of cure. In terms of patient safety in healthcare, hospitals can use proactive patient safety solutionsto identify practices that might lead to falls and change them. STANLEY Healthcare's fall management solutions can be instrumental in this educational process. STANLEY partners with healthcare providers by providing a team of fall management experts that are present or former nurses and/or nurse trainers. The team assesses the facility, shares evidence-based practices for fall management, develops custom resources for fall management and patient safety for the facility, and trains staff in the use of our patient safety technologies.

STANLEY Healthcare’s Fall Management Education Program is designed to provide hospitals and senior living facilities with the expert education and planning tools they need to successfully implement a comprehensive fall management.


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