Hospital Patient Fall Alert System

STANLEY Healthcare is the Leader in Electronic Fall Monitors

Falls are all too common. Over 1,000 falls per year occur in a typical large, acute-care hospital, with between 30 - 50% of the falls associated with report or injuries. Lack of effective fall management programs are costly for facilities too. Operational costs for patients who fall and sustain serious injuries are typically $13,000 higher, not including the liability consequences.

STANLEY Healthcare Supports Fall Reduction Initiatives

STANLEY Healthcare’s fall management solution continuously monitors patient movement that could lead to falls. Our fall monitors support interventions tailored to individual needs and reduce nuisance alarms thereby preserving a patient’s sense of safety and dignity. By alerting staff with actionable, reliable information, our fall monitors support workflow and rounding routines.

Clinical staff prefer the STANLEY Healthcare fall monitors because they help them focus on patient care - with its ease of use that guides clinicians on which interventions to apply and when. Plus, the fall monitor easily documents intervention data to improve processes.

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