Predictive Fall Monitoring

Foresite Patientcare™

Think it’s impossible to monitor your patients 24/7 to prevent and detect falls and pressure ulcers? Think again.

STANLEY Healthcare’s Foresite Patientcare™ is a next-generation solution that helps you achieve that previously impossible goal. How? By bringing together some of the latest, most innovative technologies—including artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and predictive analytics.

How it works

Foresite Patientcare combines sensors and software to revolutionize the way hospitals monitor and care for patients:

  1. As no human ever could, the solution’s bed sensors and wall-mounted depth sensors continuously monitor and interpret patients’ movements.
  2. The sensors communicate that data to Foresite Patientcare software.
  3. The software then transforms the data into game-changing insights for improving care planning and in-the-moment decisions.

The solution does all of that while preserving patient privacy and dignity—and complying with HIPAA requirements.

Key benefits

  • Continuous and automatic fall risk assessments beyond what human observation alone can provide
  • Imminent bed exit alerts, giving staff the opportunity to intervene before a fall occurs
  • Fall detection and post-fall intervention, delivering the detailed knowledge needed for appropriate follow-up evaluation and care
  • Continuous monitoring to mitigate risk of pressure ulcers
  • Enhanced patient and family satisfaction
  • Improved performance in value-based payments and ratings systems through reduction in avoidable adverse events

See for yourself

Read the solution overview for more details on how Foresite Patientcare works—and how it can help you transform the way you address your patient safety goals. 

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