RFID Healthcare Security Solution

Stanley wanderguard system, real time location, rtls
Stanley wanderguard system, real time location, rtls

Protect Your People and Assets with Real-Time Location

Keeping people and equipment safe and secure in your healthcare facility is a complex task. More patients to serve, increasing crime, tightening regulations and economic instability create a perfect storm of security challenges for your organization.

These modern security concerns require sophisticated, 24/7 security technology. And STANLEY Healthcare is the proven leader that can help you meet your security and protection needs.

Proven, user-friendly Wi-Fi RFID for health systems

STANLEY Healthcare’s Wi-Fi RFID delivers a real-time location system that helps ensure the safety and security of your patients, staff, visitors, and property. Rely on us to:

  • Increase security for your people and assets
  • Protect high-risk staff and patient groups against duress, elopement and abduction
  • Provide peace of mind for staff, patients and family
  • Increase the efficiency of healthcare workers

More than 5,000 hospitals around the world look to STANLEY Healthcare for innovative quality, safety, and efficiency solutions that help improve the outcomes of patient care. With hundreds of customer success stories and proven ROI, STANLEY Healthcare is uniquely positioned to help you with your security and protection needs.

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