Hugs Infant Protection

Hugs® Protects More than 1.5 Million Infants Every Year in 1,600 Hospitals Worldwide, Making it the #1 Infant Protection Solution on the Market

Keep Infants Secure with the Top Infant Protection Solution

The Hugs Infant Protection Solution is a comprehensive infant security system that includes tamper alarms, exit alarms, and out-of-unit alerts that allow staff to act quickly. The system sends alerts directly to caregivers, and automates the transfer of infants between areas of the hospital for smoother workflow and uninterrupted security. It provides tangible proof to parents that their infants are safe and secure.

No other infant security provider matches the power of the Hugs system.  It is the only infant protection system on the market to provide, proven hospital-wide infant projection.  It does this by leveraging a hospital's existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to give the ability to locate an infant anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage.  

And with the Kisses® option, hospitals provide an extra layer of protection - Kisses is the only audible and automatic mother/infant matching solution on the market.

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