MyCall-Hospital Staff Duress Protection

Achieve Hospital-Wide Staff Security with the MyCall Staff Protection Solution

Hospital safety is a well-documented concern, with violence against healthcare workers a regular occurrence in the ED, mental health and even maternal/child services. The MyCall® Staff Protection solution is a staff duress system that gives healthcare workers an easy way to call for help for themselves, colleagues or patients from anywhere in the hospital.

Each staff member carries a Wi-Fi staff security tag, typically worn attached to their hospital ID badge so that help is always within reach -- just press the large, tactile button and the tag immediately sends a signal. Responders know who to look for and where to look, and can receive alerts on a wide variety of mobile devices.

STANLEY Healthcare is the leader in patient protection and staff safety solutions -- MyCall is a mission-critical enterprise system that delivers increased safety for workers and reduced risk and financial exposure for hospitals.  


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