Staff Tracking

Increase Staff Safety and Optimize Workflow

Increase Staff Safety and Optimize Workflow

STANLEY Healthcare’s RFID-based staff tracking system is a key component of our Staff Workflow, Nurse Call Automation and MyCall Staff Protection solutions. Besides improving clinical processes and increasing staff satisfaction, our hospital staff tracking system can quickly locate staff hospital-wide, reducing response time to staff duress requests.

Staff Tracking to Increase Staff Protection

Ensuring that staff location is readily available is of the utmost importance.  For staff that is more vulnerable to workplace violence, such as in the ED, mental health, geriatrics and substance abuse departments, the need for real-time visibility into their status is significant.  Learn More about MyCall Staff Protection.

Staff Tracking to Optimize Staff Workflow

STANLEY Healthcare’s intuitive hospital staff tracking software relays key information about staff status and location, providing management with a way to see patterns daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.  This allows them to optimize staff levels, improve efficiency of unit layout and develop best practices for compassionate, compliant nursing care.  Learn More about Staff Workflow.

Staff Tracking for Nurse Call Automation

Improve staff efficiency by eliminating manual tasks with Nurse Call Automation. The solution automatically documents caregivers’ real-time locations and reduces or eliminates the need for manual logging and reporting. Staff member information is sent in real-time to the nurse call system to automate dome light activation and cancel patient calls. The solution enhances response time and patient safety—leading to a better patient experience and higher nurse satisfaction. Learn More about Nurse Call Automation.

Complete Hospital Tracking System

STANLEY Healthcare provides a complete hospital tracking system with real-time visibility into the location and status of staff, patients, rooms and critical equipment.  With this visibility, hospitals provide staff with tools to make better and faster decisions and keep people and equipment safe and secure.  

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