InnerSpace Supply & Procedure Carts

Customizable Supply & Procedure Carts for Ultimate Storage Solutions

With endless configuration options and free layout assistance and custom design drawings, STANLEY Healthcare InnerSpace® medical carts can be accessorized as crash, suture, cath, anesthesia, cardiovascular, endoscopy carts and more.

Harmony 6000 Series Carts

Harmony 6000 Series Carts are designed to meet the needs of clinicians on the go. They are compact, easy to maneuver, and adapt to workflows as clinicians move throughout the hospital. They accommodate a variety of baskets, trays, and accessories to support any clinical application (i.e., IV start, blood draw, med delivery, bedside charting and procedures).

Harmony 7000 Series Carts

Functional and versatile, the Harmony 7000 Series Carts meet the clinical needs of emergency crash, anesthesia, surgical procedure and bedside supply carts in critical areas throughout the hospital including ED, ICU, OR, IR, Telemetry, MedSurg and General Nursing floors. This small cart builds on previous Harmony cart designs and is easy to clean, move and use.

4000 Series Full-Size Procedure Carts

Big carts are adaptable to many uses throughout the hospital.  All full-size procedure carts come standard with key lock and locking tambour doors.  Hinged glass doors and electronic keyless locks are optional.  Hospitals use our carts in the following configurations: Arthroscopy, Cysto/Urology, Lab, Ophthalmic, Orthopedic, Splint Center, Vascular, Catheter, Boxed Cath, Stent/Short Cath.

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