Patient Tracking System

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Enables Patient Flow and Greater Security

Hospitals and care groups are under increased pressure to reduce costs while maintaining or increasing patient care standards. They need every tool possible to keep up with these expectations and patient tracking software helps them achieve it.

STANLEY Healthcare’s RFID-based patient tracking system is a key component of our Patient Flow and Patient Security solutions. Besides improving throughput and reducing wait times, our patient tracking system ensures that healthcare staff and security personnel can quickly locate patients hospital-wide.

Healthcare providers cannot be everywhere, but with STANLEY Healthcare’s patient tracking system they can be everywhere they need to be.  Many healthcare facilities are strained to capacity, and with the compliance requirements of the Affordable Care Act these agents of health and wellbeing know that while patient volume may increase, the quality of patient care cannot decline in proportion. 

Ensuring that each patient’s location is readily available, and that their needs are being served in a timely fashion, is of the utmost importance.  For patients who are more vulnerable to wandering or being hurt and unable to signal for help, the need for real-time visibility into their status, moment-by-moment, is significant.  For facilities whose patients are prone to elopement,  STANLEY Healthcare’s patient tracking system offers a non-invasive and compassionate means to alert staff and patients when the latter are close to an exit.  

Independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing staff receive alerts from STANLEY Healthcare’s patient tracker in the event of a resident’s fall or any emergency, allowing residents to explore the grounds independently, with the security of being continuously connected to residence staff. 

For newborns, STANLEY Healthcare’s Hugs® (our infant patient tracker) and Kisses® (our automatic and audible matching technology) gives parents and healthcare providers greater peace of mind, by reinforcing the procedures for accurate and continuous infant tracking and infant-mother matching.  To date, more than 1.5 million infants are protected through these infant protection solutions.

STANLEY Healthcare’s intuitive tracking software relays key information about each patient’s status and location and allows staff to see patterns daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly and plan accordingly.  Healthcare staff stay up to speed on patient status through myriad platforms (e.g., IP phones, pagers, scrolling signs, e-mail, and text messages), wherever they are. And because all events are recorded, healthcare administrators can see which patterns signal systemic problems and adjust staff workflow and staff-patient interactions to avoid them. 

In this way, undesirable incidents (i.e., delays in responding to lost or hurt patients) can be alleviated, along with the distress that accompanies them. When a patient is admitted to a facility that partners with STANLEY Healthcare, they can rest assured that they are receiving the very best of care.  

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