Wireless Hospital Humidity Monitoring


Reduce Risk of Illness, Infection and Property Damage

The AeroScout Humidity Monitoring solution reduces the risk of healthcare-associated infections by monitoring humidity levels in endoscopy cabinets and other storage units. It maintains operating room comfort and safety by alerting staff in real-time if moisture levels are too high or too low and can immediately adjust to stop humidity from causing condensation. And now, it includes a full Vaccines for Children (VFC) solution that is 100% compliant with the new recommendations for the CDC VFC program.   

With sensors in place, facilities managers know in real-time if document or storage rooms are taking on too much moisture, allowing staff to quickly take proactive measures to contain and stop water from causing damage.

The AeroScout Humidity Monitoring solution works over a standard Wi-Fi network with minimal set up time and is easy and low-cost to deploy. With our ISO 17025 Accredited Tag Calibration and Certification Program, we streamline the annual NIST-traceable tag recalibration process.

The AeroScout Humidity Monitoring solution provides Intuitive analytics dashboards to understand the status of all storage and room temperature conditions, with problematic assets prioritized.

Smart Decision Making

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