Senior Living Environmental Monitoring

Increase Compliance and Decrease Costs with a Simple Solution

Temperature and humidity monitoring is a time-consuming task for senior living communities. Inefficient manual processes make it difficult to meet compliance requirements and ensure optimal storage conditions. And if you don’t know of a dangerous fluctuation in temperature or humidity in time, it’ll cost you—in valuable materials and maybe even in expensive investigations or fines.

STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout wireless environmental monitoring solutions solve these issues for you, freeing your staff from paper-and-pen monitoring and giving them more time to focus on resident care. You can count on Wi-Fi environmental monitoring from STANLEY Healthcare to help you:

  • Centralize and automate the monitoring, alerting, and reporting of temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors
  • Ensure safe storage and prevent the loss of valuable inventories, equipment, and infrastructure that are required for safe facility operations
  • Improve compliance by eliminating error-prone manual processes and automating reporting, and lessen the risk of costly fines and damaged reputation
  • Reduce costs by eliminating the need for staff to spend hours on manual monitoring, increasing their efficiency and freeing them to focus on resident care
  • Leverage your existing Wi-Fi network with a solution that has minimal set-up time, is easy to deploy, and is cost-effective

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