LTC-Senior Living Access Control

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Protect Entry to Your Facility. Safeguard People and High-Value Assets

While focusing on providing person-centered care, your Senior Living personnel have less time to monitor numerous points of entry throughout your facility. Meanwhile, you need to ensure that only authorized personnel can access controlled areas within your community—such as medication dispensary rooms, storage rooms or management offices.

By now, you may be tired of using standard keys, which can be slow, cumbersome and costly. You need a better way to prevent unauthorized visitors and protect critical areas and assets—without compromising staff access and efficiency.

STANLEY Healthcare’s industry-leading access control system combines access control software, door controllers, and a variety of readers, cards and key fobs to provide secure, reliable 24-hour controlled access to your community.

Authorized personnel have valid, pre-programmed credentials that enable them to move quickly, efficiently—and securely—through controlled doors. The access control system also provides an audit trail of people who have entered controlled areas, so you can quickly produce reports to support investigations or audits. 

STANLEY Healthcare’s access control system:

  • Reduces risk to your facility and residents by preventing unauthorized access
  • Protects critical rooms, areas and valuable or controlled items by restricting access
  • Provides an audit trail of who has entered your controlled areas
  • Increases staff efficiency through convenient access, escort and bypass practices
  • Reduces the costs and operational complexity of issuing, maintaining and replacing keys and keyways

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