LTC-Senior Living Video Surveillance

Enhance Safety and Security with More ‘Eyes’ Across Your Facility

What’s happening right now in your parking areas, on your exterior grounds and in other key locations within your facility? Keeping an “eye” on all areas of your facility can be a challenge, and having actionable information about incidents is crucial to enhancing safety and security for staff and residents.

STANLEY Healthcare’s video surveillance solutions combine a network video recorder (NVR), video recording and management software, and a large variety of IP network cameras that provide secure, reliable 24-hour surveillance of your community.

The solution gives you the ability to “see” what is happening during an incident—for example, which direction a resident is heading when wandering or eloping. It also provides evidence following other types of incidents—from criminal activity to a slip-and-fall—that could negatively impact your community’s safety and financial viability.

STANLEY Healthcare’s video surveillance system:

  • Reduces exposure to criminal activity in parking areas and around facility exterior
  • Increases resident safety by capturing exit and direction of travel—expediting response and recovery
  • Provides documentary evidence surrounding exterior slip/fall incidents
  • Increases staff efficiency with an event-driven video system.
  • Preserves the history of events through pre- and post-event recording of video camera images.

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