Emergency Nurse Call


Protect Your Residents and Your Community with Emergency Nurse Call

Independent living, assisted living, memory care and nursing communities all need very different emergency call and nurse call systems that meet the needs of their residents and staff. At STANLEY Healthcare, we specialize in helping senior living communities meet these needs. With 30 years of experience and a customer base of over 12,000 communities, we offer an emergency call and nurse call solution with nation-wide programs and services for every type of senior living community – from independent living to skilled-nursing facilities, and everything in between.

STANLEY Healthcare’s Events Management, Notification and Reporting Platform provides powerful information to help keep your residents safe and secure. In addition to its robust Emergency Call functionality, the platform also offers built-in Wander Management capability to provide residents who are prone to wandering with increased independence. Its powerful management dashboards, web-based reports and convenient mobile app enables caregivers and administrators to measure and improve performance on an ongoing basis.

Single platform for both wireless and wired UL1069 solutions

By integrating the Arial Wireless Emergency Call Solution with a UL1069 TekTone Nurse Call system, senior living communities can combine two safety and security systems into a single platform for event management, staff notification and reporting. This allows communities to meet the regulatory wired nurse call requirements for Skilled Nursing facilities, while leveraging the extended benefits of a wireless emergency call system to better serve their Assisted Living residents and improve overall community staff operations and efficiency.

Prevent residents from wandering

Unlike other nurse call systems that simply focus on e-call, STANLEY Healthcare's Arial Emergency Call and Wander Management solution provides built-in wander management capabilities. Residents deemed at risk of wandering wear a small and discreet bracelet, and exits are monitored by door devices. When a resident approaches a monitored exit, the door can either be locked to prevent egress or an alarm can be generated in the Arial software.

Increase resident safety and mobility

The Arial Emergency Call and Wander Management solution combines wireless fixed call stations with portable pendants to enable residents to call for help from anywhere in the community.

Increase staff efficiency

Alarm information is shown in intuitive software, with the room number or resident name and the time. Location is also displayed on a customized map of the community. Staff members can also be kept fully informed on events through a variety of means. Options include dome lights, IP phones, pagers, scrolling signs, and e-mail and text messages.

Powerful, web-based reports and management dashboard

The web-based Arial Dashboard provides Key Performance Indicators (KPI) data to assess the “live” status of staff and facility operations at senior living communities. This critical information can be access when and where it’s needed with a 24-hour data capture.

Arial Mobile App - Enabling Caregivers to Spend More Quality Time with Residents

The Arial Mobile App is designed to work seamlessly with STANLEY Healthcare’s Arial Emergency Call and Wander Management Solution and provides senior living caregivers with an innovative alarm handling and messaging tool for communicating with co-workers. It’s packed with intuitive features to ensure caregivers have visibility into all relevant alarms, their status and who is responding.

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