Senior Living Staff Duress Protection

Increase Staff Security and Their Confidence in Their Safety

Staff duress

When caregivers are in emergency situations, they need to be able to immediately call for help—and they need to be located quickly to lessen the likelihood of injury.

High turnover, low morale

With frequent staff duress, turnover can be high, putting extra stress on your caregivers and potentially affecting their ability to provide quality care.

Rising costs

When staff members are injured, costs go up due to injury claims and overtime needed to cover absent caregivers’ shifts. Excessive turnover is also a budget concern, as higher turnover means higher costs.


Even though you know that workplace violence occurs more frequently in certain area like mental health—it’s very difficult to predict and prevent staff duress.

Quickly locate staff in duress

Through STANLEY Healthcare's technology, you will have precise location information of your staff members.

Lower costs

Reduce the amount of injury claims and overtime needed for absent caregivers—and decrease department turnover.

Increase staff morale and efficiency

Give caregivers confidence in their own security and lower turnover due to difficult working conditions.

Reduce the frequency of staff assists

Receive accurate data that enables you to analyze duress frequency and location, helping you proactively prevent and control risk.

Leverage your existing Wi-Fi network

Our easy-to-use system empowers staff to call for help from anywhere in the facility, and enables you to quickly locate staff and provide assistance.

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