Strategic partnership with Accushield LLC brings class-leading Accushield solution to current and prospective customers of STANLEY Healthcare

WALTHAM, Mass., April 17, 2018 — STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of life safety and security solutions for the senior living and healthcare industry, today announced an agreement with Accushield LLC to offer the Accushield® touchscreen visitor sign-in system designed for senior living as part of its portfolio of solutions. The Accushield visitor sign-in system replaces the dated paper sign-in logs at entrances to senior living communities and in its place utilizes a touchscreen, badge-printing tablet to sign-in families and friends, third-party healthcare providers and vendors. In addition, the Accushield system can confirm receipt of required credentials from third-party healthcare providers and other vendors working in senior living communities.

“As a former operator of a senior living community in Atlanta, GA, I know how challenging it can be to rely on paper sign-in logs to manage and track the numerous families, friends, third-party care providers and vendors that stream in and out of communities daily,” said Charles Mann, Founder of Accushield. “During my assessments of our overall safety procedures, I became more and more concerned with the safety risks and liabilities associated with the increasing number of unscreened/uncredentialed third-party caregivers and vendors that provided care hands-on with my residents, with little to no checks and balances. While those third-party caregivers and vendors provided an important service for our residents and staff, their credentials (i.e., background checks, immunizations, insurance coverage, and other credentials we required) were invisible to us. At the end of the day, these third-party caregivers were an extension of my staff legally, and it seemed that there was an unwritten rule in the senior living space that all a visitor had to do to have full access to our community, going to whatever resident room they chose, was to sign a paper sign-in clipboard at the front desk. With Accushield, we have developed a simple, cost-effective way to streamline the visitor sign-in process and upgrade the front desk experience, all while increasing community security.”

Under the terms of the agreement, STANLEY Healthcare will sell the Accushield solution in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. STANLEY Healthcare is currently the only vendor to have this relationship with Accushield in the for-profit and not-for-profit senior living market. “We are very pleased to be partnering with Accushield to improve safety and security for senior living organizations of all kinds,” said Greg Borecki, Vice President, Senior Living & Fall Management, STANLEY Healthcare. “Our two companies share very similar missions: creating a safe and secure environment in which residents can thrive and staff members can focus on delivering excellent care. The Accushield solution gives our customers a new tool to make this a reality by proactively managing a key aspect of security, while also improving service to residents and raising staff efficiency.” STANLEY Healthcare provides the most compressive range of safety and security solutions for senior living, serving over 12,000 communities worldwide.

The Accushield solution is in use in hundreds of communities across 35 US states and Canada. The Accushield solution is on track to hit 1,000 communities this year, thanks to these key benefits:

  • Streamline the visitor sign-in process;
  • Instantly print customized name badges for all visitors;
  • Capture visitor photos;
  • Credential third-party healthcare providers and vendors;
  • Easily create downloadable visitor reports;
  • Enhance first impression for visitors and prospects;
  • Provider better care coordination with outside caregivers.