Tag Management Program


Get Expert Support for Your Asset Management Solution

RFID-enabled tags are a key part of STANLEY Healthcare’s Asset Management solution—which provides real-time visibility to asset location and status. With hundreds or thousands of tags in service, it can become time consuming and difficult for an organization to stay on top of battery maintenance, firmware updates and other management tasks. If such tasks aren’t completed in a timely manner, your organization may experience downtime that can lead to operational inefficiency, patient care risks and staff frustration.

STANLEY Healthcare’s Tag Management Program helps streamline the process—and improve your results. Through this managed service, STANLEY Healthcare deploys STANLEY experts to provide on-site support for your asset management tags throughout their lifecycle.

Among the key benefits of the Tag Management Program:

  • Eliminates the need to deploy your own resources for monitoring and maintaining asset management tags—freeing personnel for other critical tasks
  • Helps prevent solution downtime or other issues resulting from low batteries
  • Ensures prompt implementation of solution enhancements so that you can benefit from the latest features
  • Identifies recommendations for ordering consumables before it becomes an emergency
  • Ultimately helps drive return on your asset management solution investment through proper usage and maintenance

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