Arial Emergency Call

Arial Emergency Call, Wander Management, Fire Alarm Integration

Single Emergency Call Solution With Built-In Wander Management - and now with UL1069 Nurse Call Integration

The Arial Wireless Emergency Call and Wander Management solution is a powerful platform for centralized Events Management, Notification and Reporting. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of senior living communities including independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and continuing care retirement communities., The Arial solution combines wireless or wired fixed call stations with portable pendants and a variety of integrations to enable residents to call for help from anywhere in the community.


Arial provides built-in wander management capability. Residents deemed at risk of wandering wear a small and discreet bracelet, and exits are monitored by door devices. When a resident approaches a monitored exit, the door can either be locked to prevent egress or an alarm can be generated in the Arial software. In addition to distress alerts, the solution offers a Daily Check-In feature built into the unique STANLEY call station for residents to indicate that they are OK. If this does not happen, an alert is generated in the software and sent to notification devices.


Alarm information is shown in intuitive software, with the location, resident name and the time. Location is also displayed on a customized map of the community. Staff members can also be kept fully informed on events through a variety of integrations to communication devices: IP phones, pagers, scrolling signs, dome lights, e-mail and text messages.


All events are recorded in an industry-standard SQL database. A comprehensive reporting program enables users to generate customized, detailed reports and have them automatically generated and e-mailed on a regular schedule. Administrators can track response times, changing resident behavior and staffing patterns.


One of the best parts of the Arial solution is its ability to consolidate event management from a variety of devices and systems. The solution supports integrations to a UL1069 wired nurse call system, VoIP and communication devices, a variety of fire panels, building systems, security and access control systems as well as alerts from fall monitors.  


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