MobileView Platform

MobileView Platform

Foundation for True Enterprise Visibility: Track, Manage, Alert, Integrate and Visualize


With MobileView’s fully visual and interactive maps and rich searching capabilities, users can quickly and easily locate their assets, patients and colleagues; view status and condition data in real time; view inventory levels and make sure valuable equipment stays where it's supposed to.


MobileView offers flexible, advanced management capabilities for the diverse population of assets hospitals need to manage.


With an enterprise-grade Complex Event Processing engine built in, MobileView offers dozens of ready-to-configure business rules which can be utilized to implement customized business logic as well as send real-time alerts to users via a wide variety of channels. 


With a rich, WSDL-based open API, MobileView is equipped to become an easily-integrated part of healthcare institutions’ technology ecosystem. With an impressive spectrum of pre-built integrations as well as simple development capabilities, MobileView can supply real-time RTLS to virtually any other system or application—enabling the power of RTLS without needing to add another application for end users to learn.


MobileView’s database contains a wealth of process and measurement data. Built using Tableau’s best-of-breed visual analytics software, MobileView Analytics transforms real-time information into visual dashboards—opening up entirely new levels of operational insight to make better decisions, identify process improvement opportunities, and apply predictive analytics to optimize performance.


MobileView Platform Components

Web-Based Tool for Locating and Viewing Assets in Real-Time

Built-in Modules to Address Specific Healthcare Challenges

Transform Data into Visual, Meaningful, Actionable Insight

Alerts Delivered Directly to Users

Sharing Data Improves Patient Care

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