Advance the Quality of Care

Advance the Quality of Care

Manage Assets and Temperature monitoring while you get on top of CQC regulations


Managing assets and monitoring temperatures are both critical enablers of safe, quality care, as a NHS hospital you are monitored and measured against strict regulations by the CQC in both areas. As an industry leader in RTLS-enabled solutions for Asset Management and Temperature Monitoring, STANLEY Healthcare can help improve visibility throughout day-to-day operations, while delivering a foundation for automisation and optimisation of processes.

Our Wi-Fi based solutions are a tool that can help you free up staff resources to spend with patients instead of manually searching for and logging information. All our solutions are based on one software program, so adding on solutions is quick and cost effective. We work with many third party vendors and seamlessly integrate into you existing security solutions.   

Asset Management

  • Gain real-time visibility to the location and status of key assets with one glance.
  • Empower staff to find what they need quickly and easily, improving patient experience and satisfaction, increasing productivity and enhancing staff morale.
  • Maintain a location history for pinpointing equipment associated with an infectious patient.
  • Use visual analytics to transform RTLS data into valuable insights for optimising processes and efficiency.
  • A system that automatically create reports for CQC inspections.

Temperature Monitoring.

  • Automate tracking and recording of temperatures.
  • Prevent the loss of valuable inventories, equipment and infrastructure.
  • Improve compliance by eliminating error-prone manual processes and reporting.
  • Free clinical staff to focus their time on patients.
  • Live up to CQC regulations with one simple system.

Thousands of hospitals around the world have discovered the power of STANLEY Healthcare’s Wi-Fi RTLS-enabled solutions. Find out how we can help drive quality, efficiency and safety for your trust.

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