Proactive Onsite Service

Get Expert Support for Your Life Safety Systems

STANLEY Healthcare is a leading provider of life safety systems—from elopement protection to staff safety and patient safety solutions. Any of these systems is only as strong as its maintenance and support. Yet because they often run in the background, life safety system issues can go undetected—and unresolved—for weeks, months or longer. Meanwhile, staff turnover can lead to a loss of important knowledge about how to operate, troubleshoot and properly maintain life safety systems. These realities can compromise safety and lead to poor audit performance.

STANLEY Healthcare’s Proactive Onsite Service can help you close those gaps. Through this managed service, STANLEY Healthcare deploys STANLEY experts annually or semi-annually to audit your life safety system. Our expert takes a deep dive into your system—testing all of its hardware, software and workflow process components. The expert will resolve as many issues as possible on the spot and will schedule follow-on service for any remaining challenges. While at your facility, the expert will also deliver refresher training on system operation as needed.

Among the key benefits of Proactive Onsite Service:

  • Helps ensure that your life safety system is healthy and effective
  • Proactively identifies and addresses technical issues before they affect patient, resident or staff safety
  • Helps keep your staff up to speed on proper use of your life safety systems
  • Offers annual or semi-annual recommendations for how to make the most of your life safety investment

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