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STANLEY Healthcare’s reliable technology helps you improve patient outcomes

Do more with less, while delivering the best possible patient care. That’s the challenge that health systems continuously face.

But now the Affordable Care Act is demanding a sharper focus on quality instead of quantity. This means health systems will need to meet heightened goals and elevated patient expectations — while facing the reality of less government reimbursement for their efforts.

STANLEY Healthcare can help

Our cost-effective, innovative solutions enhance quality, safety, and efficiency to improve the outcomes of patient care. Your health system can trust STANLEY Healthcare to help:

  • Reduce clinical process variability with real-time awareness of patient wait times, inventory levels, asset and people location
  • Ensure patient and staff safety and security with wireless protection
  • Improve the patient experience by giving staff more time for patient care
  • Increase operational efficiency with better asset tracking and management
  • Reduce costs with automated monitoring and reporting and avoiding unnecessary equipment rental fees

With more than 5,000 hospitals depending upon us, STANLEY Healthcare knows what health systems like yours need.

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