Patient Flow Management for Clinics

patient flow clinics

Real-time Visibility and Analytics to Improve Patient Experience and Increase Operational Efficiency

Many Moving Parts

Outpatient clinics are complex environments with many moving parts: more patients, less staff, equipment, specimens, information, materials, and pharmaceuticals. 

Standards Continue to Get Higher

Healthcare reform and the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) delivery model require clinics to meet even higher standards for care quality and efficiency.

Manual Approaches No Longer Sufficient

Manual documentation of location and status of patients, staff, resources and rooms results in errors and communication delays. 

Reimbursement Dependent Upon Quality and Outcomes

Lack of visibility into what care delivery looks and feels like from a patient perspective

Reduce Patient Wait Times

Monitor status and location of patients, staff, rooms and other resources with tracking boards automatically updated

Serve More Patients

Customized operational alerts and notifications to optimize patient movement between different clinic departments

Improve Staff Communication and Efficiency

RoomCheck room visibility provides clinic staff accurate and real-time information at each room.

Real-time Improvement

Powerful, visually-driven analytics to help clinics understand key performance measures and identify ways to optimize workflow and improve patient experience, including utilization rates, wait times, patient milestones, contact times and more.

Visualize Your Performance

MobileView Analytics is a visually driven business intelligence tool for clinics to monitor and understand the key factors affecting performance and the patient experience. The real-time and retrospective dashboards help staff improve immediate operational decision making, understand underlying trends for process improvement and ultimately develop predictive modeling to anticipate patient loads and staffing and resource needs.

  • Patient experience: visualize patient visits to uncover ways to positively impact patient satisfaction during each stage of care. Factors include wait times, patient-provider contact time, and cycle time by milestones.

  • Efficiency: investigate patient milestones to see where delays occur and understand room utilization rates to maximize capacity.

  • Workflow: analyze staff workflow and rounding to optimize performance based on contact time, cycle times and wait times by care team, contact times and more.

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