Staff Workflow

staff workflow management

Improve Clinical Processes with Optimised Staff Workflow

Labor costs need to be reined in

Nursing staff is a hospital’s highest cost of labor. It’s difficult to strike the right balance between optimizing nurse performance and maintaining employee satisfaction.

Staff satisfaction is declining

Heavy patient loads, smaller staffs, and higher stress levels are leading to dissatisfied nurses and general staffing shortages.

Any workflow documentation is manual

Hospitals want to make clinical process improvements, but are using error-prone, manual methods. Any gathered information is not timely enough to take action when it’s most needed.

Constricted resources

Improving clinical processes and becoming highly efficient is crucial, especially as patient visits increase while number of beds does not. Hospitals have to find a way to do more with less and keep patients happy at the same time. 

Improves staff satisfaction

Raises staff's overall satisfaction by allowing you to optimize staff levels, improve the efficiency of unit layout, and develop best practices for compassionate, compliant nursing care.

Eliminates manual documentation

Deliver real-time data that helps you correlate workflow to both acuity and patient satisfaction. You can make staff adjustments on the fly to improve patient care and nurse satisfaction.

Delivers actionable intelligence, reports, and analytics

Monitor the status and location of staff members while measuring performance, identifying trends, and pinpointing opportunities for process improvement.

Minimizes variability in the care process

Design staff workflows based on patient-to-nurse ratio, patient-staff interaction time, hourly rounding, and more.

Reduces response time to staff duress requests

Real-time alerts to a wide variety of staff-specific devices ensures real-time response for those difficult situations.

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