Facility Security

facility security

Combine Healthcare Safety and Security with Facility Security Systems for Enhanced Visibility, Awareness and Protection

Integrating facility security systems and devices with healthcare safety and security systems creates an unprecedented level of visibility, awareness and interoperability to the functions of alarm monitoring, detection, notification and response.  This holistic approach to security within the healthcare environment provides comprehensive tools to improve the protection of patients, residents, staff, visitors, and physical assets.

STANLEY Healthcare can deliver the following types of facility security solutions:

  • Enterprise Electronic Access Control Systems
  • Intrusion and Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Biometric Access Control Devices
  • Manual and Electronic Security Locking Hardware
  • Physical Door Hardware and Locks
  • Automatic Sliding and Revolving Doors
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Visitor Management Systems

Comprehensive facility security technologies to protect your patients, residents, staff, assets and facility

Through the deployment of our own market-leading facility security products and solutions, or through our ability to deploy and integrate to other industry-leading 3rd party systems and devices, STANLEY Healthcare has the ability to deliver the broad solutions required for a fully integrated facility and healthcare security management system. 

  • Increase security for all health system populations and assets with technology that is reliable, scalable, and easy to use.
  • Provide individual security to high risk populations, to protect against patient elopement, infant abduction and staff duress.
  • Provide peace of mind for staff and family with tangible proof that they and the people they care about are safe and secure.
  • Offer innovative Wi-Fi RFID solutions that meet specialised security needs and provide real-time location of patients and staff.
  • Receive full-service support from a company with extensive healthcare security credentials.

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