Hugs Infant Protection

Keep Infants Secure with the Top Infant Protection Solution

Hugs® protects more than 1.5 million infants every year in 1,300 hospitals worldwide, making it the #1 infant protection solution on the market.

Potential infant abductors

It’s tough to identify these potential criminals, especially since they plan with care to gain a mother’s trust. Family abductions are especially difficult to prevent, as the abductor often has legitimate access.

Infant care outside the mother’s room

Abductions can happen in several different areas of hospitals. Without a hospital-wide infant security solution, babies can’t be monitored when they need treatment away from the Maternity Department.

Mother/infant mismatching

Visually checking mother and infant ID bracelets is subject to human error. Even the best-trained staff can make mistakes, which can result in emotional distress to a new mother and potential health risks for an infant.

Increase infant protection

STANLEY Healthcare offers a comprehensive infant security system that includes tamper alarms, exit alarms, and out-of-unit alerts that allow staff to act quickly.

Accurately match mothers to infants

Automatic and Audible mother-infant matching.

Peace of mind for family and staff

Tangible proof to parents that their infants are safe and secure.

Whole-hospital infant security

Leverage existing Wi-Fi infrastructure to give you the ability to locate an infant anywhere with Wi-Fi coverage.

Improve staff efficiency

Implement a system that sends alerts directly to caregivers, and automates the transfer of infants between areas of the hospital for smoother workflow and uninterrupted security.

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