Senior Living

STANLEY Healthcare’s reliable technology helps you advance the quality of resident care

Providing different levels of care for a variety of residents residing in assisted living communities is a challenge for senior care management.  Many residents enter assisted living when they need minimal attention but as their stay progresses their condition deteriorates and they need more in depth care as well as safety and security. 

STANLEY Healthcare can help

Our visibility solutions and analytics advance the quality of resident care. Your senior living community can trust STANLEY Healthcare to help:

  • Keep residents safe while allowing freedom of movement and independence by leveraging technology to define boundaries.
  • Provide individualized security to enable resident specific independence, dignity and flexibility.
  • Improve resident independence with check-in, as well as providing rapid response for urgent or emergent issues.  
  • Reduce risk of injury to residents due to unsupervised movement, preventing potential escalation to higher acuity levels.

With more than 12,000 long-term care and assisted living communities depending upon us, STANLEY Healthcare knows what senior care populations like yours need.

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