Wander Management

wander management

Advanced Healthcare Technology Protects All Your Residents – No Matter Where They Are

Resident elopement

High-risk residents can wander or try to flee a protected area, putting themselves in danger.

Resident assist

Residents need access to reliable emergency call systems, no matter where they are in the community and staff should be able to locate them quickly and accurately.

Resident security

Residents who may be dangerous to themselves or others have to be carefully tracked to prevent safety risks.

Increase resident security

STANLEY Healthcare has advanced technology that is reliable and easy to use to ensure your residents' security.

Improve response time

Respond quickly to calls for help with real-time location of residents.

Reduce wandering and flight risk

Residents are easily monitored through personalized protection and access control based on the individual needs of each resident. 

Provide peace of mind

Residents, family, and staff can all have peace of mind by protecting flight-risk residents from themselves and others.

Increase resident satisfaction

Provide the care residents desire through reliable and quick assistance for their needs.

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