Tag Calibration and Certification Program


Streamline Annual Recalibration of NIST-Traceable Environmental Monitoring Tags

NIST-traceable environmental monitoring tags are a key part of STANLEY Healthcare’s Environmental Monitoring Solution—which continuously monitors temperature and humidity conditions across your healthcare enterprise. These tags require recalibration on a regular cycle. Removing tags for this service means monitoring downtime for the affected asset. Yet, skipping the process creates other risks—including potential damage to expensive medications and vaccines, loss of irreplaceable human tissue, as well as the threat of costly fines or lawsuits for refrigerators and freezers without up-to-date calibration certificates.

STANLEY Healthcare’s ISO 17025 Accredited Environmental Monitoring Tag Calibration and Certification Program provides a simple and easy way to manage the process. For maximum flexibility, we offer two options:

  • Advanced Service. Through this managed service, STANLEY Healthcare takes responsibility for the end-to-end process—from handling routine maintenance and tracking expiration dates to physically locating, replacing and configuring tags.
  • Basic Service. STANLEY Healthcare proactively reminds you 60 days before your NIST-traceable tags are due for recalibration. Within 30 days of expiration, we ship you newly collabrated and refurbished tags. With the new tags in hand, you then install and configure them. Simply remove the old tags and send them back to STANLEY Healthcare via pre-addressed, pre-paid shipping envelopes.

Among the key benefits of the Tag Calibration and Certification Program:

  • Streamlines and simplifies tag recalibration
  • Mitigates the risk of using expired tags, which could put assets at risk
  • Eliminates the need to store and manage duplicate tags
  • Frees personnel to focus on higher-value clinical and administrative tasks
  • Helps maximize the value of your environmental monitoring solution

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