Healthcare Technology Solutions

Advanced Information Technology that Transforms Healthcare

STANLEY Healthcare has built technology to transform the way healthcare operates.

We've created technology that delivers on our promise to empower healthcare professionals with visibility solutions and analytics to advanced the quality of care.  Whether that's providing protection to over 1.5M newborns every year to uncovering hidden savings opportunities for customers, STANLEY Healthcare technology is enabling us to transform healthcare.

Our technologies enable healthcare organisations to collect data from multiple sources – medical devices, assets, patients and staff, gathering insight and seeing trends that allow you to predict and forecast.

Our Wi-Fi-based mobile technologies track and maintain information that helps reach quality and cost goals.

Our software platform makes it all run seamlessly. Using the latest in business intelligence and analytics, our software applications improve the bottom line by optimising how hospitals purchase equipment, how much resources they use and when they use it through powerful analytics, decision-making tools, reports and dashboards.

We also offer advanced technologies that allow healthcare professionals to discover patterns in order to take care of their patient's or resident's health from a personalise perspective.

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