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WanderGuard BLUE Wander Management
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WanderGuard BLUE

When it comes to wander management, WanderGuard® BLUE offers more: Elegant design. Streamlined installation and configuration. Simpler day-to-day management. Plus the ability to implement both wander management and general access control—and the opportunity to leverage the Arial® Emergency Call Platform for integrated wander management alerts and sophisticated reporting and audit capabilities.




Unlike many legacy systems, WanderGuard BLUE is designed to detect, avoid, and overcome interference. What’s more, it requires minimal wiring and only a small number of sleek and elegant solution components. What will stand out to residents and families is freedom of movement and peace of mind—not the equipment that makes it all possible.


Whether a community has 10 doors or 100, WanderGuard BLUE makes it faster and easier to get started. Using the WanderGuard BLUE Manager mobile app on a tablet, installation can be completed in about half the time as with a traditional solution. Implementation relies on swipes and taps—no need to use a laptop, physically plug into controllers, interpret overly complicated wiring diagrams or manipulate a host of dip switches. 


WanderGuard BLUE enables individual codes and makes it easy to change the user population—and keep the community secure—without disrupting day-to-day operations. Tag testing is another area where WanderGuard BLUE breaks new ground. WanderGuard BLUE’s wireless detector makes it possible to check tag status and battery level simply by walking near a tagged resident—making testing fast, efficient and unobtrusive.


While you might assume that you would pay more to get more, that isn’t the case with WanderGuard BLUE. Its pricing is far more favorable than most legacy systems—making world-class wander management affordable and accessible to senior living communities of virtually any size. 



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