Step-by-step instructions for the key features of the Arial software.


  • Access the Dashboards and Web-Based Reports
  • Adding a Map and Icons to the Arial System
  • Create and Schedule Reports
  • Enrolling a New Resident
  • Response Time Reports
  • Using the Device Wizard to Add New Pendants and Call Stations

Arial Dashboard & Web-Based Reports

How to access and use the Arial Dashboard and the web-based Reports engine.

Adding Maps and Icons

Loading customized maps of your facility and adding icons for call stations.

Using Reports

How to create reports and schedule them to run automatically. 

Enrolling a New Resident

All the steps to add a new resident to the Arial software.

Response Time Reports

How to customize the Response Times report, a key metric for your system. 

Adding New Pendants and Call Stations

Using the Device Wizard to add call devices to the Arial software.