STANLEY Healthcare Helps Increase Safety and Visibility of Supplies in Surgical Areas of Hospitals, Health Systems and IDNs with New Expanded Stainless Steel Cart/Cabinet Line

Designed for Procedural Areas Including OR, IR, Cath Lab, GI/Endo, and SPD

WALTHAM, Mass., December 16, 2013STANLEY Healthcare, a market leading provider of safety, security and operational efficiency solutions for the healthcare industry, today announced the release of an expanded line up of storage solutions for hospitals, health systems and IDNs to safely and efficiently secure supplies within surgical areas, while supporting infection control practices and compliance requirements. 

The new STANLEY Healthcare InnerSpace® Stainless Steel Carts/Cabinets are designed to enable healthcare facilities to maintain clear visibility of items in active areas such as the OR, IR, Cath Lab, GI/Endo and SPD, where sterile items are stored directly in procedure rooms.  The solution line offers four key benefits:

·      Quality – advanced design, modularity, and maneuverability.

·      Safety – stainless steel construction, double glass shatter-resistant doors, compliance with OR regulations and support of infection control practices.

·      Workflow Conformity – flexible interior design options to meet the needs of multiple areas and adapt to new workflows.

·      Efficiency – engineered to maximize use of space and more efficiently store supplies of various sizes, as compared to standard shelving.

The new carts and cabinets expand STANLEY Healthcare’s current stainless steel solution line, and were developed based on close consultation with customers.  STANLEY Healthcare serves hospitals nationwide with its InnerSpace solutions, including carts, shelving and casework such as pass-through cabinets, documentation stations, case carts and scope cabinets for procedural environments. The steel surgical portfolio brings added features to the STANLEY Healthcare solution line while maintaining its intrinsic value:

·      Non-porous material supports infection control

·      Rust resistant material withstands repeated cleaning

·      Durable material withstands aggressive cleaners

·      Seamless construction supports infection control

·      Absence of painted surfaces eliminates risk of flaking

·      Interior cell panels promote reconfiguration to enhance ergonomics and productivity.

“Our new stainless steel cabinets provide safety, flexibility and efficient management of supplies needed in the OR, Procedure Departments and Central Supply.  By having the ability to configure cabinets to reduce excess inventory and standardize the right products in their carts, clinicians can save valuable time and effort locating products,” said Joan Watson, Director of Supply Chain Solutions at STANLEY Healthcare.  “In addition, with the improvements to patient safety and workflow, clinicians can spend more time with their patients.” 

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