Stanley Healthcare Introduces New Line of Wire Shelving Systems for the Healthcare Market

New High Density and Open Storage Product Offerings by Stanley InnerSpace Help Hospitals Maximize Resources and Improve Efficiency

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 24, 2013 – Stanley Healthcare today announced new additions to its wire shelving systems, which deliver greater flexibility and efficiency in an economical solution for hospitals and healthcare organizations.

The expanded Stanley InnerSpace Wire Shelving Systems have a patented modular design which adapts to the varied storage needs throughout hospital environments and to the specific workflow requirements of nursing and materials management staff. These systems allow hospitals to maximize space utilization while minimizing their floor storage footprint. The modular design facilitates easy adaptation to a customer’s changing needs, reducing total cost of ownership.

The wire shelving systems offer a wide variety of options and configurations to support the many storage needs of a hospital, whether stationary or mobile, open or closed, high-density, specialty or wall solutions. The open design of the shelving systems promotes air circulation, reduces dust accumulation, supports fast and easy visibility, and provides convenient access. The offerings also adhere to "First-In, First-Out" processes with convenient gravity-feed shelves. Every aspect of the shelving system was designed to improve efficiency, increase safety and comply with regulatory guidelines, while also reducing waste.

The InnerSpace wire shelving also offers an antimicrobial option that protects against bacteria, mold and mildew which can cause staining, odor or discoloration, and is better able to handle temperature extremes.

The systems also come with support from experienced, local Stanley Healthcare Storage Consultants who readily assess each hospital’s supply chain needs and design optimal storage solutions specific to each hospital’s environment.

"For hospitals, wire shelving has long been a staple of supply storage and management. As healthcare organizations evolve to address the demands for greater safety, security and operational efficiency, storage solutions must advance as well," said Joan Watson, Supply Chain Management & Storage Solutions Director at Stanley Healthcare. "That’s why we’ve created the new line of InnerSpace open storage systems. In virtually every area of a hospital, these solutions are the smart choice for maximizing resources and improving supply chain efficiencies."

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