OR-ready RTLS tag 

The AeroScout T7a Autoclavable Tag withstands the rigorous sterilization processes required for surgical equipment: ultrasonic cleaning, high-pressure liquid sterilization and steam autoclave.


Tracking for sterilized assets

To track assets that require harsh sterilization cycles, you need an RTLS tag that can stand up to the pressure. The AeroScout T7a Autoclavable Tag delivers—providing a viable option for improving management of assets throughout Surgical Services.


The AeroScout T7a Autoclavable Tag enables you to track critical OR equipment, such as surgical instrument trays, as they move through the different stages of preparation for surgical procedures.


The tags are designed for the OR—withstanding more than 350 sterilization cycles and delivering battery life of up to two years. With a fully waterproof enclosure, the tags can be immersed in liquids for up to one hour. They also can handle significant physical shocks.

Chokepoint detection 

When combined with STANLEY Healthcare Exciters, the T7a Tag provides instant notification when it passes through an exit or other tightly defined area. Tagged surgical instrument trays can be identified as they complete each sterilization process step or enter a surgery room.

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